• About Paul Foston
    About Paul Foston Paul Foston is an Advanced Fellow of the PGA and among one of Golf Monthly’s Top 25 Coaches. He has taken 5 players to European Tour Victories…
  • The Personal Touch
    The Personal Touch The short game area has been created incorporating all the hazards to provide the ‘real’ course experience - a stream, some undulations and of course the bunkers!
  • Accommodation & Golfing House Parties
    Accommodation & Golfing House Parties APPLETREES AT THE PAUL FOSTON GOLF ACADEMY! TO BOOK OR FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CONTACT ANGIE ON 01233 770067  Why not book some intensive golf tuition to improve your game and at the same time enjoy a…
  • The Academy
    The Academy The Paul Foston Golf Academy at Studio2 is a perfect venue for learning. Set in magnificent and very private grounds, it allows you to develop your technique…
  • Top 25 Golf Monthly Coaches
    Top 25 Golf Monthly Coaches By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each individual, the Academy will personalise the knowledge and practical skills to perfect your game. 


I am delighted to introduce the new Paul Foston Golf Academy App!  Please
click on the link below to download onto your phones and IPads to give fast access to the Academy as well as some great offers.


The App gives lots of information about the Academy and I have included some of my Golf Monthly You Tube videos (depending on your phone or IPad, you may need to get the You Tube App to view them).

I have introduced a new loyalty card promotion for those who download the App – 1 Free Lesson for every 10 lessons booked.  

I would really appreciate you sharing the link/App address with friends, family and colleagues, emphasising that if they haven’t had a lesson before at the Academy, now is the time so you can take advantage of the initial promotion – £10 off your next lesson for every friend you recommend who books a lesson!

I will place regular promotions on the App which will give considerable discounts on tuition and equipment so don’t miss out! 


A World Class Teaching Facility

Paul Foston, Advanced Fellow of the PGA and among one of Golf Monthly’s Top 25 Coaches, has designed a sensational golf academy in Kent that was described by the Director of Training & Education of the PGA, Kyle Phillpots as a World Class Teaching Facility. This endorsement from the governing body underpins the sophistication of both the technical application to training and the design of the short game area and championship putting green. Kyle was particularly impressed with the creation of the short game course. He had never before seen a coaching facility that was designed with real life visual effects provided by the natural hazards - bunkers, stream, a two tier green, the high and low elevations that allow every golf experience to be practised here. This is fantastic for players of all levels from beginners to advanced and provides Kent with a unique new training infrastructure for both ‘technique and touch’ in all aspects of the game.